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  • World Aquaculture 2015 will be held in Jeju Island – one of the leading flatfish production centers in the world. The rest of the growing aquaculture industry in Korea and the Asian Pacific region will also be represented.

    A major international trade show at WORLD AQUACULTURE 2015 is the place to learn about the latest in aquaculture, see the newest technology presented by exhibitors from around the world.

    Jeju Island is designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and the 8th most popular convention city in Asia. Explore some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in the various locations around Jeju Island.

    Become an exhibitor! Fill out an agreement here

    Abstract submission deadline has been extended to April 15, 2015.  Submit an abstract or register online here

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  • The International conference and trade show on Aquaculture, World Aquaculture 2015, Jeju, Korea, will enhance industry participation by incorporating the newly organized WA2015 AquaForum. To encourage participation, the AquaForum committee is offering admittance to the trade show free of charge for first 700 registrations.

    The WA2015 AquaForum has been created to benefit industry professionals during the WA2015 conference and exhibition. The organizing committee invites Asian farmers, suppliers, and other industry professionals to Jeju, Korea to attend this forum. Activities will include specific topical industry sessions, facilitated workshops, round table discussions, simultaneous translations, designated meeting spaces, farm tours, etc. The focus of the WA2015 AquaForum is targeted towards the most important industry issues affecting key Asia Pacific aquaculture producing countries. It is a true industry forum whereby timely topical and regionally relevant sessions are tailored to enhance industrial representation and participation. Session topics will include health, nutrition, and production systems of fish and shrimp in freshwater and marine environment. The session will have flexibility for specific subtopics that are interested to the attendees.

    Combine the AquaForum with your World Aquaculture 2015 registration here

    See who is attending AquaForum and learn more about the program here

  • World Aquaculture 2011 was one of the most highly attended WAS meetings ever. In 2015, WAS will again team up with FENECAM 2015 for LACQUA 2015, the Annual Meeting of the LACC Chapter and WAS Regional Meeting, SOUTH AMERICAN REGIONAL AQUACULTURE 2015. This time, it will be held in Fortaleza, Brazil and located in the midst of many kinds of aquaculture. In 2011, aquaculture in Brazil was doing well, but now the aquaculture industry is doing even better. There is a lot of government support for expansion of aquaculture in Brazil.

    Fortaleza will be the perfect place for the world aquaculture community to assemble to consider “Science & Industry Joining Forces to Meet Seafood Demands ". The program will explore the many aspects of this topic as well as addressing technical and practical changes in aquaculture. [more..}

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    Abstract submission deadline is June 1, 2015.  Submit an abstract or register online here

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  • Aquaculture 2016
    Every three years, the Triennial is held somewhere in the United States. In 2016, the Triennial returns to the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada!p>

    The Triennial is the largest aquaculture conference and tradeshow held in the world with nearly 4000 attendees from over 90 countries and even more countries are expected to have attendees at AQUACULTURE 2016. The Triennial combines the annual meetings of the World Aquaculture Society, National Shellfisheries Association, Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, and the National Aquaculture Association.

    The last Triennial was held in 2013 in Nashville where it was pronounced a huge success by the nearly 3000 people who attended. Don’t miss this Triennial!p>

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    Abstract submission deadline is Agust 31, 2015.  Submit an abstract or register online here

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World Aquaculture Society News
World Aquaculture Society News

WA 2015 Travel Grant Selection Finalized

Three well deserving female candidates are now planning their trip to Jeju as a result of this excellent competition but regrettably many other excellent applicants missed out. [More..]

Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop

We are excited to announce that Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems will again partner with the World Aquaculture Society to deliver an Aquaponics Technology & Design short course at the World Aquaculture show. The Commercial Aquaponics Workshop is designed to introduce participants to the technicalities and engineering requirements of integration and hydroponic plant cropping whilst heavily relying on and integrating with the recirculating aquaculture section to deliver the realities of fish keeping and production using correct and established engineering principals. Reservations are essential and only accepted with payment to World Aquaculture 2015. Online registration can be found at for $30 USD. [More..]

Conference Submission Pages Now Automatically Translated

WAS is pleased to announce that our abstract submission and conference registration pages can now be translated into languages other than English. The World Aquaculture Society is truly a global organization with members in countries across the globe. The language of our conferences is generally English but we know that many other languages are spoken by our members. In an effort to aid the users of our web site we are deploying, in stages, Microsoft's Bing Translator on our sites. Where it has been deployed, Bing Translator can do an automatic translation of the page content from English to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and many others. (Including Klingon for all you Star Trek fans.) Look for the "Translate this page" drop down in the upper right of a page to perform the translation. This feature is currently only on the meeting pages, but will be working its way into more areas soon.

Nos complace anunciar el primer ejemplar del mundo acuícola Magazine en Español

Nuestro capítulo latinoamericano ha asumido la tarea de traducir World acuícola Magazine en español para todos nuestros miembros de hablando españolas. Por favor revise este nuevo beneficio de membresía. [More..]

Fellows of the World Aquaculture Society Program

This Fellows of the World Aquaculture Society Award seeks to distinguish itself from other WAS awards by creating a category of recognition to the many aquaculture professionals spread throughout the world who have contributed to developing aquaculture as members of the World Aquaculture Society. A Fellow of the World Aquaculture Society is defined as "a member who has made outstanding achievements in aquaculture science, industry, outreach or extension as recognized by his/her peers.” Examples of outstanding advancement can be in research, education, technology, service to professional societies, administration in academia, industry or government, or on abilities in communicating and interpreting aquaculture science to the public [More..]
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   Journal of The World Aquaculture Sociery

WAS President

March 2015 President's Column

I write this on my long flight home from another successful WAS conference, Aquaculture America, held in New Orleans (Feb 20-22). This conference was well attended, with nearly 2000 participants, and a strong and diverse program. Particularly encouraging was the strong student representation, evidenced by the exceptionally well-attended student reception. (I counted nearly 200 students at the event.) The US Chapter of WAS (USAS) focuses heavily on student events as it recognizes students as the future of the Society and a driver for future growth. Throughout WAS, we try to invest in engaging students through sponsorship, awards and student-targeted events. I would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of Chris Green, who works hard as Chair of the WAS Student Activities Committee to facilitate a wide range of creative student awards and events


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